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Monday, August 18, 2014

Play Things for Playing House - Letter G

You know when you were in school and gazing at the blackboard with the alphabet cards tacked above in a line, there wasn't that much space between the letters - capital G, lower case g - capital H, lower case h, etc.   It seems as though I am having more space (time) between my letters of my playing things.  I'm having trouble getting into the flow of the alphabet.  BUT, do have today's post on G.

GARAGE sale chair (a little stretch)

My first purchase in a garage sale in Dallas was this $5.00 chair.  The sweet little chair has been with me 42 years now, undergone multiple recoverings of the seat.  I have to admit I've not ever been much of a devotee of garage sales.  In the last 11 years, we've lived in neighborhoods that do not allow garage sales.

I have shown some of these to you in an earlier post, but I'm adding by showing the other prints we love in our home.

Donna Howell Sickles - I love you - your artwork makes me HAPPY.  We can only afford your prints.
When in Santa Fe, we visit the galleries to see your latest.  

AND while we're talking about chairs - well we were - this chair in the entry also came from an estate sale.
It was the owner's father's chair he used in his dental office.  

Roped Out - purchased in Santa Fe; sorry can't remember the artist's name and I can't read the signature!

Red Shoe Lily by Linda Carter Holman; displayed in our office

The Three Graces by Linda Carter Holman
also in our office.  The old Royal typewriter was an alley trash find.  I need "something"
to place it on in this room.
Colors are so vivid!

Chuckwagon Coffee by Linda Carter Holman, above our roll top desk
in our office.  

See my box to the left - it has cowboys and cowgirls too; a purchase in Santa Fe

Until the next letter....


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  1. Hey Theresa!
    Thanks for stopping in at my blog yesterday. I love the cowgirl prints and the alphabet posts are a wonderful idea. I enjoyed meeting you and your husband at the conference.