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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Flowers from Alaskan cruise - part 2

Decided the divide up the number of photos of flowers; there's even a short 3rd post.

These are from Icy Strait Point, Hoonah.

Whoops did it again not a flower - ha -- view from walkway.

Mr. Bee let me take is photo as I passed.  Notice rock coloration.
This could be bridal wreath.  The red building in background is part
of the port of Hoonah.

Interesting tree especially with moss hanging.  Not expected.

Yes totally not a flower; the cat was curled up sleeping in the flower bed.  He/she was pretty friendly;
gave it a few tummy rubs.  He/she followed on our walk a while.  Small animals must be careful about swooping eagles.

I believe this is a salmonberry bush.  Bears love them.  The white stuff is from a nearby silver leaf maple Larry thought.

The following are in Sitka.

Loved the nasturtiums.

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