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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Flowers from Alaskan Cruise

F is for Flowers.

Just could not resist photographing the flowers while in port in several cities of Alaska.  It must the the air or the WATER that keeps them so vivid.   At this time of year in Dallas metroplex, flowers are hanging on barely due to the heat.

We took our new Canon camera and an extra battery but didn't realize that we had to take the battery charger.  We only got 122 photographs of Alaska with our new camera BUT thank goodness for our iPhones which did a fair job in a pinch.

There are so many photos that they will be a part 2 for flowers!

AMAZED to see fern - lots and lots of ground moss.

Not flowers I know, but if a tree falls in the forest it just lays there returning to dust.
This was at the Saxmon Village.

Behind us, (me, Jan, and Skip) is the Mendenhall Glacier; the area where the following
flowers are from.

Alaska has friendly folks; with the friendly daisy around.

This flowering shrub was causing its blooms to fly all over the area
and pile up like drifts of snow.

More in part 2 of Alaska flowers.


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