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Monday, June 30, 2014

Updated Home Tour Page

Just added a few more photos of our home - the porch, the 2nd guest bedroom/craft room, and hall bath.  The sun is not cooperating.  The photos are the best I can do for now.  Now go check out the HOME TOUR SECTION.

Kitchen eating area - more 4th of July

I salute my table every time I walk by - it's soooooo patriotic in its Red, White, and Blue!

Have a good day - looking forward to the 4th - hamburgers, hot dogs, and fried apple pies!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Texas June Wedding

I would be remiss if I did not post a few photos of the June wedding in College Station for my son and new daughter-in-law.  The rehearsal dinner and wedding went off without a hitch.  It was hot (what do you expect in Texas in June?) but beautiful and fun.  We appreciated the family and friends who attended.  J/C are due back Saturday afternoon from their honeymoon in Ireland.

Taken in front of a building on the A & M campus.

Beautiful happy couple ready to cut the cake

My daughter

Their dancing boots for the reception.  Notice rings on the toes.


Happy MARRIED couple.   Notice white chapel in the background

Taken on the porch of our rented cabin on the 7F Lodge grounds where the chapel is.

Nighttime view of chapel at the 7F Lodge.  The wedding was at 7:00 pm; but photographers wanted to get some with a candlelight  look.

Wishing them much happiness in the days ahead in their life.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy 4th of July

We interrupt this blog in the midst of the alphabetical play things list to bring you a Happy 4th of July!  I've been tablescaping and decorating outside on the patio.  I decided that many neighborhood people see our patio on the corner as they walk their dog and moved what I might normally have done inside to the outside.

Birds' eye view

Found the patriotic pencils at Target in the dollar section

Love the latest free printable from Ann of "On Sutton Place"

I have 2 of the same wreaths now - one is hanging on the porch.

I'd add bottles of Coke to the case but they would boil and explode in the SW sun every afternoon!  Larry's tomatoes are hanging in there (see toward the fence).

Patio curtains must be tied back when not shielding us from the sun.  Visualize sheets flapping in the wind!  A small rosemary pot and basil like the sun.  

Miscellaneous herbs in the rectangular pot

I owe you "D" and I have plans but I must wait now for a really sunny day to photograph in the den.  Things have been busy with the end of school, my transitioning to 2 days a week at work, and a wedding for my son.   Again, Happy 4th.  


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Home Tour Beginning

I said once summer arrived and I was working only 2 days a week that I would start posting photos of our home.  It's just a beginning.  The light was okay for the rooms so I gave it a try.   To take the tour click on "home tour" on the left.  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Play Things for Playing House - Letter "C"

Cups, Cats, Candlesticks, and Curtain almost rolled into one.  The cups, cats, and candlesticks are part of a small collection of pottery from an artist in Santa Fe.  The pottery, Rabbit Works, was a husband and wife team at the time of purchases.   I am not sure they are still producing their pottery.

Cups and Pitcher set showcases cats.

When we moved I decided to USE the cups.  

One side of pitcher.  Notice the New Mexico landscape painted around the pitcher.

Other side of pitcher - love the grin!

This serving plate also shows sweet cats.

This sweet heart-shaped ceramic box was a gift from my husband, also with a cat.  The cats have such sweet faces.

My candlesticks, also by this same artist/potter, are done with rabbits (another love) and are often used at Easter (no doubt)!

And the odd man out - a curtain.  Our front door is made with three-fourths paned window.  I chose that style as I like the light coming down our long entry hall.  However, it doesn't do much for privacy.  It was my husband's idea to add a curtain to the door with rods.  The top anchors the curtain while the bottom has the rod pole in the curtain's pocket, but not anchored with brackets.  There are brackets 1/4 down from the top to place the bottom rod so that the window is uncovered for light to come through.   This probably would make more sense if you actually saw the door/curtain in person.  It is a compromise for us.  The curtain was made from the handy-dandy painter's cloth from Home Depot.  In a hurry to post, tweaking the "hang."  Bottom pole seems to make it hang "off."  Yet, you can get a lot of fabric for so little money. 

Front door during construction, before staining.

No curtain on door; last fall's decorations on porch.

C is for cups, cats, candlesticks, and curtains.  "SEE" you next time.  Thanks for being patient readers to my infrequent posts.  I have now transitioned to working two days a week.  Hopefully now, with the digital camera in hand I can find time to post a little more.  I'm learning on this camera; too many settings.  I'm a point and shoot kinda girl!