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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Play Things for Playing House - Letter "C"

Cups, Cats, Candlesticks, and Curtain almost rolled into one.  The cups, cats, and candlesticks are part of a small collection of pottery from an artist in Santa Fe.  The pottery, Rabbit Works, was a husband and wife team at the time of purchases.   I am not sure they are still producing their pottery.

Cups and Pitcher set showcases cats.

When we moved I decided to USE the cups.  

One side of pitcher.  Notice the New Mexico landscape painted around the pitcher.

Other side of pitcher - love the grin!

This serving plate also shows sweet cats.

This sweet heart-shaped ceramic box was a gift from my husband, also with a cat.  The cats have such sweet faces.

My candlesticks, also by this same artist/potter, are done with rabbits (another love) and are often used at Easter (no doubt)!

And the odd man out - a curtain.  Our front door is made with three-fourths paned window.  I chose that style as I like the light coming down our long entry hall.  However, it doesn't do much for privacy.  It was my husband's idea to add a curtain to the door with rods.  The top anchors the curtain while the bottom has the rod pole in the curtain's pocket, but not anchored with brackets.  There are brackets 1/4 down from the top to place the bottom rod so that the window is uncovered for light to come through.   This probably would make more sense if you actually saw the door/curtain in person.  It is a compromise for us.  The curtain was made from the handy-dandy painter's cloth from Home Depot.  In a hurry to post, tweaking the "hang."  Bottom pole seems to make it hang "off."  Yet, you can get a lot of fabric for so little money. 

Front door during construction, before staining.

No curtain on door; last fall's decorations on porch.

C is for cups, cats, candlesticks, and curtains.  "SEE" you next time.  Thanks for being patient readers to my infrequent posts.  I have now transitioned to working two days a week.  Hopefully now, with the digital camera in hand I can find time to post a little more.  I'm learning on this camera; too many settings.  I'm a point and shoot kinda girl!


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