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About Me

I am Theresa who has loved playing house since I was a little girl in north Louisiana.  When I was growing up with my younger sister, we played outside – all – the – time.  Kathy and I would build pretend houses and used our imaginations to create the walls (cinder blocks) and furniture (wood spools from my Daddy).  I believe that pretend play fueled our creative juices.  Fast forward to today – I now live in a new home after having had four former “old” homes to decorate and remodel.   My husband and I have always sought to have beautiful homes, not lavish just comfortable.  Through these five homes, I have had to opportunity to play house to my heart’s content.  

This blog was not created because I feel I am a decorator.  I actually have the highest regard for decorators, stylists, and home stagers.   I know what I like and don’t in our home; I love to decorate for the holidays or the season.  My addictions are home decorating magazines and blogs.  By the way, I don’t cook; my husband does.  You’re not likely to find recipes posted here.

When I am not playing house, I am an administrative assistant in a private school in the Dallas metroplex.  Along with my retired husband, my family consists of a daughter, son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law, and a very spoiled old dog. 

If you have found my blog, welcome.  My blog was started to invite in my family and friends who cannot always physically visit and show them what I’ve been doing with our home.  My posts may be sporadic.  I am not in competition with other bloggers nor am I seeking sponsors.  This blog is not a full-time job. 

Call it what you will, when it comes to your home when you paint, remodel, set the table, arrange the “what-nots,” dust and clean, organize, and decorate, it’s because you love and care about your home, and you, my friend, are playing house. 

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  1. Theresa I wanted to come by and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! May love and joy always be yours.