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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Season of Jelly Beans

Around our home lately we've had a lot of loose jelly beans, but quickly caught and popped into our mouths!  From two projects I have enough leftover beans to last until July 4th.  You see, when playing house I often take a moment (or two) for craft-i-ness.

The first project was copied from a blog called,  She has a lot of fun ideas and I check her blog daily.

I had to sacrifice a few calories to drink up all the Starbucks in order to have enough bottles for my Easter table and a few co-workers.  Heh - what's 1800 calories?   (The calendar page is a Linnea Design and is not the right year; I just ADORE the drawing.)

Every bunny deserves a tail!  The ears were pink chenille pipe cleaners folded and adhered with white electrician's tape (can't recall the blog that had the pipe cleaner idea as jars had paper ears).

The lids were painted white and I added a tag printed out from blog

The jelly beans were a combination of regular and tropical Starburst

My next project acknowledges a parent's happy news.  A co-worker announced that she was having a 2nd child and then later was excited to say that the baby would be a GIRL.  I have given the baby bottle filled with jelly beans several times before to reflect whether the baby was to be a girl or a boy.
These photos were hurriedly taken before leaving for work since I wanted to present it to my co-worker this morning.   In other words, no time for bow fluffing. 

The bottle can be purchased at a grocery store - with pink or blue caps.  The ribbons I had on hand as well as the makings for a tag.  Flavor of jelly beans is Cotton Candy.   "D" stands for their last name.

Better shot showing the 2nd ribbon with the sweet baby footprints - also can be purchased in blue.

I think these are adorable, if I do say so myself.   A gift such as this seem to say, "I'm excited FOR you!"  Oh, these make fun gifts for the grandparents too! 

The season of the jelly bean is ending.  Jasper is kind-a sad as he likes the ones that hit the floor!


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  1. Theresa, Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am happy that you started your own blog... Have fun with it!