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Monday, April 7, 2014

Closet Turnover

What do you look for as a sign of spring?  Is it daffodils bowing in the breeze, forsythia bursting out in yellow splendor, or a robin hopping on the ground?
For me, it's what I call "closet turnover."  Spring has arrived when I can no longer stand my fall/winter clothes and devote a weekend to closet turnover.

This past Saturday morning, I played house.

What's behind sheet #1 in the below photo?  Scary isn't it?  Those are spring/summer clothes hiding behind the sheet thrown haphazardly over the clothes to protect them from dust.
After a trip to Ikea, I had hanging clothes bags to protect and organize my clothes.  (To give a shout out to Container Store, I DO have individual hanging bags from them for certain items.) 

However, first comes the purging.  One cannot have closet turnover without purge.  Quite a pile of clothes to go to Goodwill this week.  I also had an overflowing trash can holding the wire hangers that seem to multiple like bunnies in the closet.

All done!  Nice and organized - for now.  Spring/summer wardrobe in the ready. 
Next up - ironing marathon.

Enjoy Spring, Theresa

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  1. Hello friend and welcome to blogging! You go girl! Love the closet make-over and your header is so pretty!

    Happy day friend!