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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Play-things for Playing House, Letter A

As you may remember, my sister and I played house outside.  We'd stake out our ground next the the garage under the pecan tree, laying out where the pretend walls would be, where the pretend front door would be, etc.  We'd then start gathering play things to go into the play house.  Fast forward, I'm still gathering, to the amazement of my husband who says this is supposed to be the "down sizing phase" of our lives! 

My sister asked me to do a post about one of my collections, and I've been pondering how to show my collections, furnishings, what-nots, home, etc. via a post.  I do plan to have photos of my rooms under a "Home Tour" page, but that will have to wait until this summer after I semi-retire in early June.  In the meantime, I thought I could do short posts about the "play things" in my for-real house.  In order to have some continuity to this idea, I decided to post alphabetically.  Not sure what I'll have for Q, X, and Z, but maybe an object in my home will pop up.

Let's start with "A" for artwork in the front entry.  The posters are by Donna Howell-Sickles, and were purchased on various trips to Santa Fe.  Ms. Howell-Sickles was a 2007 Inductee into the Hall of Fame at the National Cowgirl Museum of Fort Worth.  When we moved into this home, we had the posters reframed and hung them together in our entry hall.  I still have 2 that are not hung; no wall space.  I love their happy smiles and the colors.  I wanted a guest to see these and feel happiness; very welcoming.  There are other pieces of cowboy artwork throughout the house although we don't consider our home "western" style or "ranch" decor. 

The pillow was a collaboration between a coworker and myself.  I had the t-shirt and idea to convert into a pillow.  She had the know-how to make the pillow with the fringe and buckle (left bottom corner).  I've enjoyed the t-shirt much longer since making it into a pillow.

I look forward to posting about my play things from A to Z.


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