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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Having Meghan and Sara over for dinner tonight.  We are planning ribs, potatoes and salad.  I made FROM SCRATCH I might add, "Mrs. Kelton's German Chocolate Cake." It's unlike a traditional German chocolate cake - no pecans or coconuts in the icing - it has coffee in the icing.  Wanted to celebrate with a special table setting for everyone!

The container of flowers was purchased from one of my on-line stores.  It's green metal
and I am happy with how it pulls the green out of the rug under the table.  

And as a bonus for viewing/updating what I've done at the house:
Added this coral quilt to the bed.  I like the color punch it's giving this winter.
Hope your day or weekend was filled with chocolate and flowers, with a swish of red everywhere!


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