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Monday, March 16, 2015

Peter Rabbit & Family Hopping My Way

I was told that Peter Rabbit, Mopsy, Flopsy, Cottontail, and Mother Rabbit were headed my way.  In order to make them feel welcome, I decorated my home just for them!  I have had a lot of fun "playing house" with Easter decorating this past spring break.  Lots of photos...enjoy.

A little more in the woodland vibe

Bunny banner from Ann, On Sutton Place

Thanks to Ann of On Sutton Place blog, I totally copied her idea for the bunny nest
centerpiece.  I had all the items, except greenery which I bought, to create.  

Bunny plates from last year.  Bunny place tags also purchased from On Sutton Place.

Teal bunny and candlesticks from my favorite potter in Santa Fe

Created my little egg "hosanna" from a free printout

Wreath hanging on our patio door

Welcome to my newest bunny...I made her necklace.

Spring is trying to stretch its way into our neighborhood.  Bradford Pears are blooming--signs of daffodils and tulips coming up in our flower beds.  We're fluffing the patio -- put up the patio curtains, and I purchased new chair cushions.  I have a new outdoor rug for the front porch but it is supposed to rain this week, so I will wait to put it out.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!    Theresa

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Having Meghan and Sara over for dinner tonight.  We are planning ribs, potatoes and salad.  I made FROM SCRATCH I might add, "Mrs. Kelton's German Chocolate Cake." It's unlike a traditional German chocolate cake - no pecans or coconuts in the icing - it has coffee in the icing.  Wanted to celebrate with a special table setting for everyone!

The container of flowers was purchased from one of my on-line stores.  It's green metal
and I am happy with how it pulls the green out of the rug under the table.  

And as a bonus for viewing/updating what I've done at the house:
Added this coral quilt to the bed.  I like the color punch it's giving this winter.
Hope your day or weekend was filled with chocolate and flowers, with a swish of red everywhere!


Friday, February 6, 2015

A Tree Grows in Prosper & a Ph.D

Larry was thrilled recently when his Christmas present finally arrived.  Yes, it was the end of January but that didn't matter.  The winter is a good time to plant a tree.

We had a flower bed made directly across from the patio and 3 den windows.  Right in the center the tree was planted.  It was a 45 gallon Eagleston Holly.  The Mockingbirds have already spotted the red berries.  We have dwarf nandinas, pansies and dusty miller planted.  The pansies will make way for some spring flowers later on.  We added stone edging to the back flower bed and added the same in the front beds.  We currently have pansies, dusty miller, and kale in the front with some daffodils yet to peak out of the ground.  Left to do - add 2 wire trellis to the back area against the fence for flowering vines this spring and plant caladiums in the front and back (probably May).

We love walking by the den windows and looking out to the back yard now.  I was interrupted while writing this post to help Larry hang his new bird feeder - thanks kids!

flower pot to the right is the wind gauge and rain gauge; the pot will be planted with a
flower of some kind in the spring.
Sure looks like winter - brown grass,, leafless trees by the creek

Side view of flower bed
There is a tree toward the street and one just behind my shadow on the other corner.
Photo taken from inside looking out.
Thanks to Carol's Bloomers of Anna, TX for the new view!
How do you jump from a new tree in your yard to a Ph.D?  Well, our son graduated from Texas A and M, College Station, TX, with his Ph.D. in Forestry this past December.  Just a few photos...
Dad and Mom are proud parents. The graduation regalia is impressive.

Son and his wife.

His sister as well as my other family members attended graduation.  Thanks
for your loving support of his achievement.
2014 was a busy, happy year.  Looking forward to 2015 and hoping to blog a little more than I have been.
As for the letter "J" - it would have been about our dog, Jasper.  Let's just say I will let that letter pass and leave it be in his memory.